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hey, even AJ himself

often admits, rather fully self-deprecatingly:

"I'm just a hyper over-read redneck who found out that Globalists want to destroy America and the world! RARRRRRR!"


An 'imperfect messenger?' Perhaps. But aren't we all?

Hey, but I ain't the one who's worked his way through cable-access shows, suffered through dickhead radio station owners & arrogant and delusional bosses, gave away his films for free, telling everyone to 'pirate my film,' all the while awakening MILLIONS worldwide in the process, with over 3million+ & growing audience tuning in PER DAY, while having what seems like the entire world coming down on you/ridiculing you very publicly for over 17yrs knowing that you're telling the truth the best way you know and believe how, while attracting high profile guests who may not agree with everything you have to say, yet nevertheless recognize your sincerity and effectiveness in getting the message out enough that if you're one Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul you visit his radio show monthly like clockwork for the last 14yrs, who have expanded his operation through sheer hardwork and will power, who figured out a way to remain 100% independent, while expanding streams of cashflow and income to be able to continue to compete in the real free market of information, everyday.

My hats off to AJ.

Not you Dren, but frankly, I never understood AJ's detractors even within the R3VOLution and the Freedom Movement as a whole; if his style is really an impediment in convincing oneself or others in 'spreading the message,' I'd say why not simply 'switch the channel?'

Or, simply use all the info from AJ's sites merely as a point of reference to use, infer, to do, or not to do.

I 'get' that AJ is 'love him or hate him' type of deal, but still, I truly don't 'get' why so many even here get so angry at him or get worked up over him.

And to me, to those who complain about his 'bulldog'-ness, or his interruptive style, or his style vs. substance in general, should themselves simply pursue what they feel they can do better, if in fact they believe they can do a better job of influencing millions.

Show me the Money! It's like, then: 'Prove AJ wrong' by doing it your way, if you're so adamant about the fact that you think you can do a much better job!

I for one am appreciative and grateful that Alex Emerick Jones has led the way by example for over 17+ years, with record of success and efficacy to back it up.

Like Dr. Paul, without whom the entire discussion on anything to do with the Federal Reserve would still be a 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theory' on the most part, if AJ vs. Piers MORON 'performance' is enough to 'destroy' the 'image of gunowners' or 'libertarians, constitutionalists,' etc., perhaps one's own understanding of what they believe was shallow at best, to begin with.

The occasional "The Liberty Movement is Dead!" or "Alex Jones just destroyed the Liberty Movement!" proclamations are always bemusing to watch.

It's kind like love: if your love wasn't strong enough to keep him/her, or you from moving on, you probably never really loved each other in the first place.

If all it takes is little 'ol Alex Jones, or Ron Paul to deter one's own supposed view of the world on anything, or worried about what others think of you for believing in ____, you've never believed it deep down, nor understood why you believed it, or love that idea, or a set of principles, to begin with. No?

I still can't believe those of us who endured ridicule over Federal Reserve for years, would ever be worried about what a bunch of delusional braindead sheeple 'think' of us.

It's like WTF do I give a fcuk what a cockroach 'thinks?'

Even after the recent post 2-cycles of RP POTUS runs, the fact that anyone, ANY self-proclaimed group of individualists for that matter, at of all places DailyPaul, would even bother to worry about 'our image,' is laughable.

Don't we have like a looming global currency collapse, domestic police state, and geopolitical machinations that affect us individually directly at local levels to be aware of and figure out how to destroy, counter, rebuff, ignore/peacefully not-comply, or simply maneuver around it, to be bothered by bickering over various liberty movement 'personalities?'


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul