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Comment: Ya know...

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Ya know...

If Google can do streetview and capture a pic of every street in the world (est.), we should be able to do something cool too.

There's a company (MS, Google or other - I can't remember) that has a web site that finds all related pictures of some public place. They 'stitch' these pics together to create a sort of 3D view (from whatever's available of that place). The result is that a site visitor can now view the location by scrolling around to see any view a pic exists for. It's really cool.

How about someone do the same thing for video? Create a service that searches for all video of a place and stitches it together. Just adding a timestamp syncronization would allow people to play the video and still switch between different viewpoints.

To do this really well, one of those black-screen to internet video uploading sites could be used. If you haven't seen these, with one click on your cell phone, it blanks the screen, turns on recording (audio and video) and streams it directly to a web site. Some even have strong password protection via button choices to get the phone to even show any signs of life.

Just another free-market thought in case someone wants to make a few million credits.