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Comment: The Elitist Agenda Has No Boundries

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The Elitist Agenda Has No Boundries

They float their social, communist ideas in front of the unsuspecting population to gauge the reaction. It's like they are mad doctors injecting cancer cells into the minds of America. Will the malignant neoplasm take hold? Will the inherent immune system of liberty and freedom rebel and kill the cancer?

The oligarchs and plutocrats have declared perpetual war against the body politic. They will contrive every possible means to steal, subjugate and enslave all of us if we do not resist them.

Close your commercial banks accounts, sell whatever equities you have in the phony casino financial markets. Get your money out while you can or be prepared to experience the American version of what has happened in Cyprus.

Never, never, never trust the government or their media controlled propagandists.