Comment: The video was very troubling.

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The video was very troubling.

The video was very troubling.

First of all, why are the cars being towed?

Second, why was the first guy assaulted by the police?

Third, why did the second guy get in trouble when he was merely freely speaking his mind in a natural way?

Fourth, why did the cops enter that guys house?

Fifth, why did so many cops come? Was that a police helicopter at the end?

Sixth, why the fuck is this happening in our country?

This is what cops do now. They think they are immune from the law. We need to make public servants legally liable for violating our rights. The current laws are rigged to let cops do what they want, but we need to change that.

I think there should be a law that all cops must have video and audio at all times, and everything they do on the job should be live streamed and stored on the internet. Failure to provide video for any arrest will result in the automatic release of the detainee.

This is the type of BS they try to do in CA. Sitting in your own tax payer funded park is apparently a crime where I am.

This is the type of shit that motivates me to be a DA when I graduate from LS and arrest every single one of these cops for sever violations of the law. If these guys weren't cops and they used that type of force, it would be called assault, organized crime, breaking and entering, etc etc etc. Those cops should be ashamed. Why are there that many cops in Omaha? There had to be 30 cops there. The average cop in CA makes around 100k a year. Assuming this is true there too (there was a range of lower ranking and higher ranking cops there), there was probably 3 million a year worth of cops for two non-violent citizens. Am I the only one troubled by this? Instead of raising taxes, why not cut the police force in half?