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Comment: No it wasn't for you specifically

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No it wasn't for you specifically

It's addressed to all of us here on the DailyPaul, yet there are certain members here (not you) that continually post and/or reply on immigration issues in a way that I find to be a rather, hostile may be too strong of the word I'm looking for, but nonetheless negative manner. Many here consistently criticize others for the outright hypocrisy on certain topics as not being what a Libertarian/Constitutionalist is truly about. Some put up with laws that they do not agree are Constitutional(like taxes). Yet they'll draw the line so to speak on the 2nd Amendment and refuse to abide by "that" specific law. Are we now cherry picking? Did you read this post?

A lot of this debate falls into Hypocrisy IMO, and I have a hard time understanding how some here can condemn others for political views such as Un-Just or Un-Constitutional, yet are so gung-ho on "illegal" immigrants? On the other hand, if one supports the Nanny state, and agrees with every single law the government passes, than I have no problem with. I'm sure none of those here ever intentionally breaks the speed limits(rolls eyes). So it's mostly addressed to the cherry pickers.

As questions for you personally, no. But the comments you and the others engaged in spurred this post, after having my fill of the ever dividing immigration posts. The post itself was about Anonymous and Israel, yet as expected, the comments veered in to immigration. When I see (growing) division, or intent to grow that division, I find it a moral responsibility on my part to point it out and try to halt the division if I can. There's a difference in posting "about" immigration and spurring debate about the topic, and then there are posts made "simply to" inflame, infuriate, make scapegoats out of people, and ultimately divide us. This usually goes unnoticed by some here, but to others' credit, they catch on right away.

So no, this wasn't addressed to you personally and I thank you for the detailed reply. I may not agree with you on all points, but I certainly respect your opinion as well as how you presented them. Thanks again for sharing.