Comment: Tyrrany is the norm

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Tyrrany is the norm

The ONLY exception to people being forced to worship their leaders is this modern world you mentioned.

This modern world is the ONLY anomaly that has ever existed, and it only exists because our founding fathers established a NEW NATION where those 'rules' do not apply.

Our founding fathers were deeply religious people, and until the Albert Pike prophesied softening of religions by the communist Illuminatti NWO, the USA was the most homogenous society in the history of the world, 90% European protestants.

The only place that Freedom and liberty of the kind imagined by Locke, Hume, Jefferson, and the rest of the intellectual influences and founders of America ever existed, ever COULD exist, is in that European, protestant place that this country is quickly morphing away from, which of course is WHY we are morphing away from it.