Comment: Who here is fighting FOR the New World Order?

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Who here is fighting FOR the New World Order?

I see a lot of people here at the Daily Paul who I consider to be fighting FOR a New World Order, and one that has nothing to do with restoring the Republic or defending the Constitution.

Are you ready to defeat the NWO just so you can create a new one? (Remember; problem, reaction, solution.)

Here's why I'm warming up to Rand Paul.

Rand Paul: 'When people come to me and they’re lobbying for ratcheting up some bellicose policy –- even if it’s a bad country — I tell them: When I read the New Testament, and when I read about Jesus, he wasn’t really involved in the war of his days, In fact, people rebuked him for not being the king they wanted; they wanted somebody to stand up to the Romans.'

He gets it. I fear many here don't and they'll just end up getting used.