Comment: "La Raza" = "The Race" in

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"La Raza" = "The Race" in

"La Raza" = "The Race" in English.

Here's the deal;

I give 11 million illegal aliens Amnesty with no possibility of collecting welfare or any other social income benefit for seven years immediately. No playing around with a pathway. Issue 11 million Amnesty social security numbers max with stipulations. Those given Amnesty do not get to sponsor family members or anyone else to enter the USA. The boarder is sealed with a double fence until such time that it can be removed when stabilization of countries no longer require it. All immigration laws are strictly enforced thereafter.

Take it or leave it!

You have to get this deal done before the complete and total economic collapse, or after, when we rebuild our economy, there will be an even bigger flood of illegal aliens into our country.

You have to start thinking outside the box. Illegal aliens lost millions of jobs building real estate in that bust. The problem is contained for now.

The double boarder fence along San Diego is the perfect model and works flawlessly, as proven by its performance over the past 15 years. We extend it throughout the southern boarder "temporarily" until such time as it is no longer needed like with our northern boarder. This is the only subject I disagree with Ron Paul on. I used to be a Minuteman.

Temecula Patriot says: The fence has helped but they keep tunneling under. Intricate shafts with electricity for ventilation and lighting. Thanks for being involved with the Minutemen, my brother was one, too.

Me: Tunneling is so easy to detect with ground penetrating radar. We could employ a team of 2000 people to go back and forth along the border as their daily job at minimal cost. It's really not that complicated.