Comment: There shouldn't be many laws

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There shouldn't be many laws

There shouldn't be many laws other than firm laws that have to do with protecting the life liberty and property of the population. Although, this should be decided on a local level.

People get let off a petty things, like speeding a little, rolling through a stop sign, etc

None of those should be laws anyway. I think stop signs should be yield signs. I don't like speed limits because they are arbitrary. I think a law simply stating that you can drive however you want as long as your not endangering the rights of others. In other words, going 90 in a school zone is a crime, not because your going over an arbitrary speed limit, but because your hurting the rights of others.

Even if these petty laws were still in place, I would much rather never get off with a warning than have the police start searching my car in the middle of asking me if it was ok to do (this is a real situation). If I had this on video, I would have sued that sheriff.

Perhaps behind the scenes investigations have a time period before they are posted, or they have to be posted online after the case is over. If they are going to steal my money to harass me, at the very least I want full transparency.

I think cops should be liable in court for violating rights. Like if they break into a house without a warrant, they personally should be liable. If they break the constitution, they personally should be liable. While I'm at it, public school officials should be personally be liable too.