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permeates a family's day-to-day lifestyle for decades.

Homebirth is an event or a series of events in a family, but makes up very little of a family's lifestyle overall.

The players with prolonged involvement in homeschooling are the parents and children. The players with prolonged involvement in homebirthing are the midwives, if the family even used a midwife.

Homebirthers don't even always know who each other are because the chances of that coming up in conversation, especially if your children are older are low. The elements just weren't there to form a vibrant community around the issue pre-internet.

That's changing since the internet is available. The internet allows people seeking others who are involved in a minority activity to find each other easily. Eventually, it might not be a minority activity anymore, but the internet is what's allowing it to grow. I still don't see it ever having the kind of political power or community involvement homeschooling does because it's an event, not a lifestyle.

At least it was for me. I know some women talk about their births for years, but I consider myself done.

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