Comment: Thnx. With 6 kids, it's been a while since I've received credit

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Thnx. With 6 kids, it's been a while since I've received credit

for anything. LOL

The non-violent, self action side is what we've been going for. (I'm actually partnered with others on various things.)

You're dead on to focus on the economic problem as prime. Next to a possible abrupt oil shock, it has the most certainty and the quickest rise of chaos.

While you cite the central politics, I tend toward central banks as the main culprit but from our standpoint, they're essentially the same for now. The one difference I see is their one weakness. If JPM is leveraged 100:1 on silver and the people all bought silver, JPM would go under in days or weeks while the government wouldn't. This is our back door control. The reason is that for every company, there is a public aspect somehow or somewhere. We just have to find and exploit it. Silver is probably JPM's while gold is probably the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs' kryptonite. Bitcoin probably affects all central banks and governments about equally.

The reason I like Bitcoin so much is the vast possibilities it offers in the area of people supplanting all the traditional banks across the board with unregulated (officially black market) services. The majority of analysis I trust on this shows that the entire banking system of central banks is flat-out guaranteed if Bitcoin was to corner more than 2 1/2% of global currency. Sure, that's 1,000 times what it's cap is now, but the fundamentals easily accommodate it for transactions all the way down to 2 pennies. And trust is lessening as a negative factor so who knows.

Back to how this affects the central government. With bank influence completely removed from any individual's or business's chain of finances, they stand to gain from 40% to 400% in disposable income. (Picture someone paying $500/mo interest with $20 left at the end of the month.) As this happens to more people, many social government programs seem less worth the regulatory hassles. Political support wanes and the people begin to feel more empowered.

Oh, and those people would also need to have accurate information (polls, news, facts). That's another project that I forgot to mention. It's not too far off (4-6 mos, optimistically) and should be pretty interesting. It's actually another DP member who is making that magic happen!

So, to your overall point, I would say that you're correct unless we can get enough of these things brought to the public soon enough. As you know, only time will tell us how long that is and which way it will go. Gotta try though, right?