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That's what makes it a pyramid scam.

"Value is created because people GIVE it value."

That's what makes it a pyramid scam. Pyramid scams always start with nothing of value and what follows is a long parade of suckers who want something for nothing. You know perfectly well that the more value that's "given" to the scam and the more you can get out of it.

That's why BitConners are so rabid is their salesmanship.

They know demand is the only thing creating value. What value is there in a gifting club? None; until people give value to it. Eventually the pyramid scan dies because there aren't enough suckers left willing to fund it and too many wannabe P. T. Barnum's trying to use it to get something for nothing.

What's the base value backing up a BitCoin. Nothing.

ByteTurds are better because there's something everybody recognizes as having value backing up each token.