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Israel paid for that Iron dome

Israeli has far better and advanced technology than we do and why we invest $13 billion. As for giving Israeli weapons.. Israel invents the weapons..

What do you mean, "when she leaves us alone"? Israel can defend herself and why Rand is saying, it's none of our business what Israel does.. Israel is our friend, we have mutal interests, and we can trust Israel to make better decisions for Israel than we can.

I don't see Israal aparthide any different than American to Mexican. Continued west banks settlements because Israel is popular. People LOVE Israel, want ot move to Israel, want to live and work in Israel. Why.. freedom, technology, history, the weather.. even pizza.

I think we need to focus on what is our business and get our business in order, and then maybe we can tell others what to do and mind their business.. but these entanglements need to end. Israel can defend herself, and America.

I don't find Rand being a big shot, but spreading the message of Liberty within the party his father refused to leave, and many here refused to join.