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Have you visited Granger?

I have. It is pure racist. I went with an Israeli, and stayed with Israelis. They told me how they were superior to the Sephardi. They told me what shitheads the Arabs (Palestinians) are. They told me they did indeed kick them off their land. They told me the government is racist. They showed me the Arab settlement vs. the Jewish settlements. They told me that the Arabs did not get water or electricity often. I had no opinion before that. I did not know that the media lied on a daily basis about it. They showed me the nuke Site. They were terrible hosts. They told me that they are smarter than any other race. The road rage was so bad I just wanted out. It was the one trip where I just wanted to get home.

I don't mean to be so upset, but you know how much I hate war, Granger. And when Rand makes these completely asinine comments I get so frustrated. Bill Mayer is right, Rand and Ryan are not doing justice to libertarianism. Ron worked for decades to achieve what he did. So libertarians got their peaceful common sense principals finally understood and Rand is ruining it for us. It really bums me out. He is smart and a great speaker, but for god sake's he should just shut up and be humble for awhile.