Comment: So who or what is to blame?

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So who or what is to blame?

The border crossers, or the system that makes it too easy and enticing to cross and stay?

What's the illegal part I forgot? Please specify. If you're talking about times today being different than before, well, I can't help but notice that it sounds exactly like that 2nd Amendment argument about we the people no longer needing arms/muskets. Obama also agreed that parts of the Constitution were outdated. Do you agree?

I'm having a hard time understanding this rational kind of the same way I have a hard time understanding a Christian banging the war drums argument.

I'm not attacking you bro, but I'm trying to stir the pot a little in order to get people to maybe think and say "hey, wait a minute".

As for California going broke, you seem to believe that the "sole" problem and solution are the illegals. Do you think maybe retirement pensions have anything to do with California going broke? Do you realize that California's Highway Patrol collects 90% of their pay in pension after retirement and that due to overtime hours they actually make more in retirement? While illegals certainly contribute to the problem, I bet you that if there were no illegals in California, they'd still be broke, and they'd be pointing the finger somewhere else simply to use as a scapegoat - much in the same way that most of us were fooled in to believing that we were attacked on 9/11 by 17 people with box cutters and then foolishly believing that the solution was to take out 2 countries.

Please also explain how the post was biased.