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So you think it's okay to doze down

the houses of Palestinians, doze over their olive trees that are hundreds of years old (sometimes up to 2000 years old)? They just kick these people out, steal all of their stuff, and sometimes murder them. But it is okay because it is a popular place? C'mon. And it is not free. It is a police state. Women have no rights as much as you hear otherwise. They hardly are allowed to drive. If they work, they can teach, not much more than that.

They have damned good olive oil though Granger. And the best goat cheese I have ever been so fortunate to try. And the food is great. So maybe you and I would like to take a food trip, but with tour guides when they are on their best behavior. Good fish and produce!! They have a fast food joint that serves one of the best salads (loads of fresh goat cheese and olive oil)!

Hey! How was that pizza?