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Cause of poverty?

I can make sure that you know that my response was directed at the words I read, the way I read the words I read, and as far as you are concerned, personally, that can be set aside, if you wish.

If you are accessing the MOB in your comment "anyone here", then you are now representing "anyone here", in a way that is curious to me.

Setting that aside, the concept of wealth, as a total measure of a Country, relative to another Country, economically speaking, if I can borrow "everyone here", if I can borrow all of their brains at once, I'm going to say that they have been had, in more ways than one, but this one is rich with facts.

This Country is very poor, economically, because the causes of being poor are all present and accounted for, and the one that comes to my mind often, and again borrowing the brains of "everyone here", is Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question, such as a notion that the Country is Economically Rich.

If that does not set well with you, then I'd like to know why, and if the answer is that you think that this Country is Economically Rich, then an explanation of exactly what you mean, may appear, since I am asking for an appearance of such an explanation.

My point, pointed out, has to do with individual people, and finding one, and saying that one exemplifies economic wealth can help, then two individuals, then three, on and on, and in each case I can get an idea as to what you mean, or, you may mean something else, you may mean that this area on the Globe is economically wealthy, since this area on the Globe includes many economically valuable resource. Who knows, without asking, and then receiving an accurate answer?

How do you measure this economic wealth and this economic less wealthy condition?