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My wife and I had our first 3 in the hospital, and they were horrible experiences. Our last 5 have been born at home. Our first homebirth we had help from a medically trained midwife. The 2nd one we had help from a lay midwife in the middle of the Arizona high country. The 3rd was unassisted in a cabin without electricity or running water in Kentucky. The 4th was delivered by my wife, as I didn't get home in time. Our last one was a 10lb 11oz. girl that we delivered 3 months ago.

There is a place for hospital births, but the vast majority of births can be done safely at home. Our Mexican lay midwife also taught us how to use herbs to assist in the birth and control bleeding, which has been a great help to us. There is really no comparison between hospital births and homebirths. One is cold, clinical, and controlling. The other is warm, loving, peaceful, and spiritual. I'm glad that I have a wife that opened up my eyes to this alternative, and who has inspired so many other women to educate and empower themselves to take control of their births.