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I believe...

...that there will be people of every conceivable label who find themselves in outer darkness, having to face up to the fact that they were not really pursuing a relationship with Light and Love in their lives, but were denying it even existed, or acting as if they could be self-sufficient apart from it, or distorting it for their own ulterior motives.

Some Christians will disagree with me, but the good news from my perspective (and the Apostle Paul's in Col 1) is that ALL created things, whether in heaven or on earth, will be reconciled to God through the peace of Christ, established by His blood on the cross. This means that God's Love will not give up on anyone or anything, even in the outer darkness, and that all, when truly overturning their unpardonable sin of unrepentance, will find their eternal sentences commuted by Him who holds the keys to hell -- and hell will empty out until every last prodigal will find their way back to their heavenly Father, who will yet greet their redeemed, reconciled selves with open arms. And all shall be well.

BUT...I would implore everyone to seek Him in this life while He may yet be found, and avoid the misery of the second death in the outer darkness altogether.