Comment: If I knew the Bible were true,

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If I knew the Bible were true,

I would have no choice but to acknowledge the existence of that God unless I were in denial.

There is not much in the Bible that jives with what we know about the natural world. I use the rational mind God gave me to find out that God is not the God of the Bible, but is something entirely different.

That being said, I have no problem with students learning about different faiths in public school. It allows for a well rounded individual to know about the tenets, cultures, and histories of different religions. I also don't mind other students/faculty doing kind things in the name of their faith such as praying with each other in times of need. As long as the faculty are not evangelizing, why shouldn't it be okay?

If you do not trust teachers to teach children logical morality, why for the sake of convenience would we want them teaching them at all?

I do not see much accountability when I look for it. People just ship their kids off to school without first inspecting. ..but I digress...

-Matthew Good