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First, I don't believe that's the whole story

Second, I don't think we get the while story.. and I think many times there are mistakes made by indiviuals that become international stories.

I think bad deals go down.. people make agreements and then they are pressured, because there are many who do not want Israel's freedom staining their religious agenda.

Have you been to Israel? From what I see, by comparison to the USA, Israel is VERY free. Appears to me, many of the Americans there are very happy. Matter of fact, I read that some 30K people a day come to Israel. So many people come to Israel.. the illegal building on Palesti8nian land is NOT ok.. That fault lies on those indivuals, not Israel. It's not Isr5ael's fault people LOVE it or hate it, anymore than what you do day to day affects what Obama and the USA does.

As for my pizza.. I over did it. I sinned in glutony..

And yeah.. I definately intend to go to Israel.. food trip, absolutley.. street food.. If I was Jewish, I could go for free.. but yeah, I want to go to Israel, see, smell, listen.. pray.. eat.. It's about $500 more for me than you, because of flight distances.. and it's about $4K for 10 days. from what I'm seeing with tours that includes transatlantic flights, most stuff but tips, and what you want to buy to bring home.

I even found a way that I can buy my tickets, and live in a tent while building Palestinian housing, like what Rachel Corrie did. I would love to rent a villa in Tele Aviv, tour Israel, cruise the Greek Isles, car tour Italy, ...