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Just WOW! Let's see if I can simplify it for you.

By ECONOMICALLY POOR, I am referring to the HUGE PROPORTIONATE DIFFERENCE of "WEALTH" between the classes. Let's take China for example. They are an ECONOMICALLY strong country, yet how many of those 7 BILLION people are DIRT POOR compared to WEALTHY?

There are more INDIVIDUAL people that are better off ECONOMICALLY in more developed countries such as England, France, and Germany COMBINED, than there are ECONOMICALLY better off INDIVIDUAL people in India 1,241,491,960. Many in the aforementioned countries don't have much of a problem paying for the immigration filing fees, much less paying for a flight. Where as MOST Indians live in ECONOMIC PERSONAL POVERTY and are lucky enough to get by. If the U.S. was surrounded by 7 countries similar to India's INDIVIDUAL ECONOMIC WEALTH, this country would be inundated by INDIVIDUAL ECONOMICALLY POOR people crossing the border illegally.

Many people that want to visit the U.S. need to APPLY for a Visa. This application costs these people around $400(the equivalent of 3 months salary for many). The citizens of these countries don't need a visa:

Notice a difference? How many of those countries were South of the border, or considered a Third World country?

It's not so much a matter of illegality as it is a matter of economic feasibility and government red tape.

I hope that was simple enough for you. I think "ANYONE" here could agree that was pretty simplified. Thanks for answering the original questions and playing along.