Comment: Why not?

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Why not?

I think the most likely answer is fear and pain relief.

Additionally, it's not "normal" to do that anymore. Pregnancy is treated more like a disease than a natural (beautiful) part of human life.

IF, when I had my first, I had known what I know now, and had been married to my current husband, I like to think I would have given it a shot. Instead, I ended up having an emergency C/S due to having my water broken (by my OB after inducing labor) before my daughters head was low enough allowing her hand to slide down into the birth canal. It was years later before I realized that would have most likely been avoided had my doctor not been in such a hurry. After that my (new) OB convinced me that I had to deliver all of my children via c/s since the original scar increases the chances of uterine rupture. At that piont in my life I never questioned my doctors with one exception... vaccinations.

Despite 4 hospital deliveries I never allowed innoculations. With my 3rd (who was 6 weeks early) that caused the asshole NICU doctor to call DHR on my so I was visited by a social worker. The same doctor insisted I formula feed because there was this majical formula designed specifically for premature babies. Had that been my first I would have done it but since it was my third I refused and camped out in the NICU to make sure they didn't give it to her anyway. He insisted she wasn't mature enough to breastfeed so I insisted I had plenty of experience so I would teach her. It was extremely difficult but I am extremely stubborn so I did exactly that however I did not sleep more that 2-3 hours total over the course of 5 days.

Hopefully home-birthing will become more common over the next few decades. I would bet that it increases significantly as the growing number of children who are being homeschooled reach child bearing age.

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