Comment: that's a question no one can answer,

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that's a question no one can answer,

and even if he told you otherwise would you believe him? He is a spook after all?

As with anything in the geopolitical sphere, if you don't personally know someone, for a very long time, you cannot know anything real about the person other than what they do, say, and have a public track record of doing.

Discernment and nuance is always the rule of the day.

How do you know Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is the real deal? For me? His public record, body language, demeanor, his off-the-cuff responses, as well as numerous public anecdotes about how he is in private life mirrors his public life. That's how; and to that extent, that's as far as we'll ever know.

Yes, you actually risk disappointment, when you trust another human being, whether that trust is privately, or publicly earned. How about that? For humanity to function, you may actually have to trust people: as Doc recalled about Benton arranging his run-ins with Bruno on the Jan Mickelson show, he said that sure, no one likes to be tricked or being made fun of publicly, but if you had to live your life with constant paranoia of never trusting anyone, that'd be a horrible way to live; you risk disappointment when you live.

Same for Alex Jones: 17yrs of publicly verifiable record, with only a few 'he ain't 24/7 rabidly anti-Zionist enough!'-idiot 'Jonny-Come-Latelys-to-Anti-NWO'-brigade as his only real detractors.

Oh, the likes of Alex Jones' other detractors? Ironically those within the liberty movement who question everything from GMO, vaccines, Chemtrails, UN A21, 9/11, Op. Northwoods, USS Liberty, to hybrid human origins, let alone the Federal Reserve...who at this juncture in history, still actually are worried about what a bunch of sheeple and cockroaches in MSM & political merc-dom delude or 'think' of us. Or hell, perhaps they're insecure in all areas of their lives about everything that they're still concerned in a very much collectivist notion of group-guilt: what does he/she think of me??? OMG! OMG! OMG!

Out of jealousy? Envy? Got too much time on their hands? WhoTF knows? WhoTF cares? LOL.

Same for Pieczenik: on DAY TWO of 9/11, he called in to the Alex Jones show to proffer that 9/11 looks like an inside job. He had no need to, but he did so, out of his publicly professed concern for the downward spiral of his beloved Republic. I for one believe that his concerns were and are genuine: for someone with his background, there's no real personal benefit to coming out with such info, especially on a controversial host's show. He's already made millions from his novels, Pieczenik has no financial gain to be had from coming on AJ's show. And even if he did, so what? If people hear him and believe him, and want to support him, it's their choice; that's simply capitalism.

So the real question to you is: "Exactly what make you believe that he" IS "a Rothschild mafia bankgangster agent?"

and WTF does "The accent sounds east coast" that have to do with ANYTHING?

So, what he said or did, in particular, makes you suspect Pieczenik is an active, willful 'Darkhat' agent?

Of course, sure, can he be playing intra-NWO faction rivalry by promting 70% truth?

WhoTF knows?

But it only matters what you do with that info.

Aside from him pushing Gen. Petraeus, which I see more as his last vestige of his own personal preference for him as a vet and his mil/intel world's natural proclivity for wanting to see one of their own lead, as the chickenshit civilian pencil necked sociopathic nerd herd who make up 99% of DC policy con artists and wonkdom are rightfully seen as rather disgusting to them (though of course, Gen. Pet is a progeny from a family of banksters, as well, but who knows: the fact that oBUSHma's FBI decided to throw a former CENTCOM head and CIA director under the bus, clearly exhibits that there's more than meets the eyes).

Just info my friend, all just info to me. Use it as you will. How you read, perceive it, matters not to me. But I do judge how some publicly analyze publicly available info, and how people discern issues.

Nuance and discernment are prerequisites when assessing any real geo-political issue. So if you think it's important to know whether he is or is not a Rothchild bankster agent, more to you. But how are you truly going to confirm or deny your assertions, moreover, what would that actually do to the nature of Pieczenik's public geopolitical assessments via his podcasts?

I'd say, personally, his info has been a more helpful puzzle piece in discerning macro-geopolitical play than not. So for now, his spook-background aside, he's on the plus column in my book.

Plus I have a habit of not dwelling on the never prove-ables; I only pay attention to the extent that I should remain vigilant on certain aspects of issues. It's kinda like, 'it's bad, all bad, how bad do you want me to know it's all bad??' LOL.

Actually, coincidentally that's how Ernie Hancock views AJ's role, after assessing his response to the recent Billy Corgan interview. But to me, if all one gets out of viewing people like AJ is 'fear, fear, fear!' that tells me more about you than him.

Whenever I hear the way Alex Jones communicates, it doesn't bother me at all, because I've long confirmed internally what I know I know, what I don't I don't; I don't let how others talk, or assess influence my emotions. Like everything else, if you LET someone drive your emotion, that speaks more of one's own insecurities; you're LETTING them make you be afraid.

To me, I hear 'fearful' info, 'oh, that's how he sees it' is what I get. Either I'm enlightened by it, discard it, laugh over it, or though rare, are often inspired by it. That's all it is to me: info.

So to me whenever I hear people characterize people like Alex Jones, or Pieczenik, or Celente, or even Dr. Paul as "fear-merchants" or more the KRUDman not-so-witty-but-'hey look at me, aren't I being witty'-verbal meme: "pessimism porn-merchants," I think to myself: 'oh you mean you actually don't want me to decide for myself what the 'pre-apporved' range of info and discussion should be for myself, by myself? I'd say FU, you ain't my friend, nor anyone else's loser!' LOL.

But that's just me.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul