Comment: That's a HUGE myth also designed to cause rift and divide

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That's a HUGE myth also designed to cause rift and divide

Aside from what Angie just said, I'll add this, Most DO pay taxes and this is WHY:

1. Many obtain what is called a TAX ID. This tax ID "allows" them to PAY TAXES. Why in their right mind would they want to do that? Because it establishes a VALID RECORD AND PROOF of their having been here in case amnesty is offered like it was in the 80's. Some are/were allowed to open up bank accounts as well using their TAX ID's instead of social security numbers.

2. An alternative means is to use someone else's social security number (ID theft) in order to get a BETTER paying job. They obviously pay taxes in this regard as well, which in turn benefits the government in revenue and eventually the retiree.

There is a very valid third reason as well that someone else posted on a different thread a few months back which I can not recollect at this time. If I do, I'll update.

Point being is that regardless of nefarious motive, most of them DO pay taxes, and as long as the government is getting their cut in taxes, they also benefit in this way and tend to look the other way. Please stop passing on false myths. We're better than that when we choose to.