Comment: There is actually more risk in a hospital

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There is actually more risk in a hospital

birth than a home birth with a knowledgeable midwife. Hospitals want to get it done quick. They want to deliver the baby according to the doctors time line instead of the natural timeline of the pregnancy. "Doctor says the baby is due so he/she is going to induce." What a crock. No wonder there are so many sickly children.

Not to mention that giving birth is a natural occurrence and in a vast majority of births the baby will be born with or without help and be in fine shape. Yet people have been brainwashed into believing that if they don't pay a hospital thousands of dollars then there baby will be in danger.

Some states outlaw home births such as Louisiana where it is illegal to home birth with a midwife yet almost every pregnancy you hear about in that state ends in caesarian or at the very least induced. The medical establishment is a con and the number one avenue of our enslavement in this country.