Comment: Only on the DP - talking about home-births...

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Only on the DP - talking about home-births...

I love this site. No where on the web will you find such engaging conversation on so many varied topics. Truth transcends all boundaries. Ok, on the topic. 8 kids, 1 very controlled hospital birth (the first, that WE controlled), and 7 home-births.

We've had the most wonderful midwife for the past 6 - Robin Lavis, of Blessings of the Womb midwifery, in Elk Rapids, Michigan. I highly recommend this lady - she's the best!

Getting ready for the first, I read in the Fireman's Emergency Book on Childbirth that the average birth could be attended by an 8 years old in the back of a cab with a 90% positive outcome. We've not had one problem - in fact I'd deliver my own child, if I had to, before going to a hospital.

Speaking about birth, Dr. Paul's delivered a few babies in his time. And after having 6 of my own, I had a few minutes of time with him in 2007, and asked him this question. "Dr. Paul, you're a non-interventionist when it comes to foreign policy. So I've just got to ask you this question - as an OB, what was your c-section rate?"

Since many c-sections today are the by-product of non-essential interventions, I thought that was a fair question. Guess what he said.

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