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The infinitely poorest choice.

" a chain of person creating person creating person, with no beginning or end (which is still a personal, eternal fundamental reality...a procession of persons, rather than THE First Person, but still a process which itself had no cause)"

This concept is over-complex and I think I remember another severe logical flaw being shown for this view in my philosophy of religion class which I can't seem to remember at the moment. Aside from that, it's the poorest choice if one were to consider it a choice at all. Since it is a continuous chain of events, it requires time to exist as well as the complex chain itself. An infinite chain of beings is infinitely more complex than a single eternal unchanging being. An eternal chain of persons is not really an explanation and is tantamount to saying that the entire universe as we know it just exists, without any sort of beginning or explanation. In fact, it is even infinitely more complex to say that an infinite chain of events existed into the past than to say the entire universe just exists as a brute fact. This is why the simplicity of an immaterial God is so relevant, because it requires infinitely less explanation than an infinite chain, and a single God can exist outside of time while a chain of events can not, thus the Christian God is an infinitely better choice than this infinite chain of persons(found in Mormonism) according to Occam's razor.

Even if the entire universe as it is now were to have popped into existence as a brute fact 1 second ago with every ones memories of the past popping into existence also during that second, that would still be infinitely less complex than an infinite chain of persons creating persons.