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Solar power is already all

Solar power is already all the rage in Germany and definitely here in India.

My mother spent a lot of time designing my parents' house. It has 24/7 hot water through a solar heater. There is a constant breeze because of solar chimneys which is a very new concept. Every room, every lobby has doors and windows facing outside, and the guest room where I generally stay actually has one whole side covered with wood and glass, facing the pool.

The pool uses a perennial river to constantly refresh a third of the water everyday and so they don't use harmful chemicals like bleach to keep it pristine and blue. For security they have a beautiful, healthy German shepherd. For power savings, they use LED lights, so the bill, even in summers is the equivalent of $15 a month.

They seldom need air conditioning because of the ventilation and because the roof is painted white to reflect most of the heat.

I will be honest, I don't care much about the whole NWO thing, but I like the garden in a box idea. Can you give me some more information regarding the kind of investment you are looking for, your market and infrastructure required to get such a venture going? If commercial farming in my country could be supported by subsistence farming implememting better utilization of land it would be a great help to our vast agricultural population.