Comment: Our resources ARE essentially infinite,

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Our resources ARE essentially infinite,

if we permitted a free market. Every baby is born with two hands and a brain, NOT just a mouth and stomach. Read "The Ultimate Resource" by Julian Simon. It totally destroys the whole Malthusian myth.

You have an extremely unsophisticated understanding of economics if you think "jobs" are simply fixed quantity natural resources like gold or silver.

When an American employer hires an immigrant, the immigrant produces wealth. Some of this wealth is retained by the employer, allowing him to create new jobs or to increase wages of his existing employees. Some of the wealth is paid to the immigrant, who then spends and invests it, increasing demand for goods and services, thus also increasing employment and wages in the general population.

People interacting with each other without violence are no detriment to each other, they are a blessing. Get rid of the government violence, and, viola, peace and prosperity.