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I like your comment:

Yes this dude is right to give advice base on a "err on the side of caution."

No one should be getting into bitcoin without understanding it and feeling comfortable with their own ability to take care of their wealth.

crypto-currencies require MUCH personal responsibility.

Aside from the dependency on the internet; this dude is wrong look and research my comment below.

His other argument regarding TPTB is baseless and just prays on the fears of people who do not understand crypto-currencies.

Dude if you distrust crypto-currencies more power to you. If you actually want to look into it and learn awesome. If not, that is cool too...

but to make claims based on fear to further feed the ignorance of others... whatever... more bitcoins for me!!!

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees