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Comment: Oooohhh that's scary isn't it?

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Oooohhh that's scary isn't it?

Don't need to, I've been lucky(sarcasm) enough to have grown in both Black and Hispanic ghettos. And unlike like some of us here, they're not perfect and without their faults. But you know what, I got to learn their perspectives on many different levels, not just by "riding in some bus" or believing the propaganda BS your TV tells you. Funny how some here on the DP will laugh off most things MSM BS's about, but when it comes to immigration, it's a whole 'nother ball game isn't it?

You can take your little "dare" back. Here's a dare for you, answer some of the questions in the original post?

Go ahead. I dare you, 4Vijay.

PS. Once you let go of your fears your mind will be set free. That'll hit you when & if you're ever ready.