Comment: he says that 'the globalists'

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he says that 'the globalists'

he says that 'the globalists' always wanted a digital currency and thus bitcoin is playing into their hand.. right?

he would be 100% right if bitcoin was owned by visa or mastercard.

the major problem with using plastic is that it potentially compromises your privacy. then they also have an itemized list of all of your purchase history and a pretty accurate picture of 'who' and WHERE you really are.

hence the demand for bitcoin, right? the fact that it is supposedly truly anonymous and direct is what the major appeal is, right?.. along with the supposedly stable monetary base it affords.

but nothing he said had anything to do with bc as i understood it.

his other point is that 'the internet may be different tomorrow.'

which.. yea.

i don't see why everyone is hating on bc really. people want to have their cake and eat it too with precious metals. but as it stands today, gold/silver still has significant draw backs in everyday, online transactions where i can see a digital currency filling in some of those gaps (TEMPORARILY). not to mention, FRNs are still the predominant makeup of transactions.

make proper use of them all.