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I am from the SF Bay Area in California

and have lived in Hispanic neighborhoods. My wife, who is about 50% white, 40% black, and 10% Native American, grew up in East Oakland, which is predominantly black. She and I have the same thing to say about these neighborhoods, they give a general feeling of being much safer, and much more comfortable to walk through, than mostly white and Asian San Francisco, where because of SF's statist policies, homeless derelicts abound and it scares the heck out of us both.

The solution to ALL of these problems is to end government control of all aspects of the economy. Empower individuals, NOT THE GOVERNMENT! Why is a supposed libertarian BEGGING the government to pass laws to initiate violence against peaceful (brown) people, to INCREASE ITS VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN LIBERTY? I said up above that I will give most anti-immigrant posters on this forum the benefit of the doubt, but would you be honest enough to state your reason? Is it a fear of non-white people? If it is not, please tell me what it is.