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I'm glad you did!

I hope other take the time as well. We're always learning and growing. There's no shame in being wrong, or changing your mind/perspective. It actually takes a bigger person to admit that and shows maturity. God knows I've been wrong countless times as well. Part of the reason for my posts are also to see if I learn something as well, regardless of whether they strengthen or weaken my argument.

Instead of getting defensive,I really wish people would also "man up" so to speak and answer some of the questions that I originally posted. Can't help but wonder why they're refusing to answer them - LOL. Sometimes we can't handle the truth because it hurts? Reminds me of my "conversations with obama and romney supporters - LOL


PS. That line you mentioned can be applied to so many topics such as the those that want to restrict the 2nd Amendment. It's all about control. Some of us haven't been able to figure that out yet. I'm trying though.