Comment: you're tossing around

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you're tossing around

claims like "ponzi scheme" without backing it up.

ask yourself what a ponzi scheme is.. it's a system in which a person entices investors with wild claims and requires a constant, steady stream of new investors to pay off the old. NOTHING ELSE

so by your logic, if i held bitcoins, i would be expecting some kind of pay off.. which only a VERY few people are actually doing AND which is happening not because they're being lied to about assets vs liabilities, but because they BELIEVE in the product.

bc fills a very real niche market demand for a certain type of person which is NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS AN INVESTMENT TOOL.

quit boo-hooing about how it's not backed by anything. when's the last time you bought a book from amazon for a god damned gram of gold? either you do not understand that it's not meant to supplant FRN's or you are a troll. simple as that.