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Internet Assault, The Beginning of the


This transition is bad. It's the beginning of the end of the Internet as it was and is -- regulated by the individual and free, producing cheap prices for all things Internet.

As this transition continues, buying and owning URLs and ability to design (because the complexity of the Internet will grow) will become expensive and specialized, specialized here meaning so intricate that the average person won't have time to learn to build and maintain websites, a trend I think that's been around for five to eight years. This trend plays right into: licence. Just watch.

What we're seeing here is the melding of television and the Internet. The Internet will be one giant television: saturated in commercialism with ever declining original, authentic, accurate and truthful/first-hand account/nonpropgandized information. All due to regulation from the companies that rule television and the governments they collude with.

How anyone can see this transition as anything good for the Internet escapes me and frustrates me.

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