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"It's all about control"

A libertarian (may have been Rothbard, can't quite remember) once described history as a race between government expansion and knowledge of liberty. I try to be an optimist, but there are times I fear that government has the upper hand, because while we openly announce our intentions and play honestly, they, acting in secrecy, can simply change the rules on us without notice, to attempt to limit our efforts to educate people on the value of liberty.

Such as this thing with North Korea. I'm not generally a conspiracy theorist, but what if it were true that a secret group in the Executive Branch did bribe the North Korean leaders with billions of dollars to start saber rattling? And what if they are so without a conscience that part of the plan is to actually allow a nuke to explode on the West Coast? That, in my opinion would be game over. No chance to avoid martial law, uninvestigated "disappearances," and WWIII.