Comment: So be it. bitcoin ATMs too.

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So be it. bitcoin ATMs too.

So be it. Bitcoin ATMs too.

Anything bitcoin stands to be a large profit. And because that profit must come at the expense of the US dollar -- because where currency goes, law goes, making bitcoin an international currency, the usher of globalism and eliminator of nationalism -- I root for the dollar and for all national currencies.

I believe also that bitcoin is one of many currencies international that are and will be promoted, as I stated in my comment you replied to. When I say international, I mean what TPTB want people worldwide to use that crosses national borders, also known as globalism/inter-nationalism. The economy, that is, money/currency and goods, still is the tool to gain and maintain control. Therefore, of course TPTB will create and promote digital "money" and -- because they, TPTB, own and control them, therefore influence the average person to believe they intrinsically are money -- gold and silver.

What I don't understand is, Why would an American who wants freedom and the retainment of his culture and country and who understands economy, history, currency and law believe bitcoin isn't a creation of TPTB and that it doesn't undermine the United States. Barracuda, do you know why?

Note: TPTB: the powers that be. In name, mostly Rothschild.

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