Comment: Dropped off my Cable Box

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Dropped off my Cable Box

About a year ago, returned the cable box. Made sure to let them know the reason was because of the propaganda, and that it was disgusting. Nothing but lies on the news, couldn't watch it

It was encouraging to see others returning their boxes even if their reason was the cost or other television options.

Unfortunately, the television still receives many channels without a subscription, just by being hooked to the cable wire. Those channels all still display the major network "programming" and "news" broadcasts...even the local stations are horrible, can't watch them for more than a few minutes before seeing the manipulation and scripted BS.

And besides, with high speed internet, can pretty much watch whatever you want, whenever you want with far less, or no commercials at all. Can also be selective in what you watch and are not subjected to controlled, scripted, manipulated information...otherwise known as brainwashing.