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Bill Maher...

wouldn't know libertarianism from his own blowhole. A typical liberal who thinks, homosexual marriage, Weed, and fetus killing without a consequence is the ONLY thing that's "libertarian" and matters. Someone needs to tell this waste of a human space, that social and economic choices of an individual are indistinguishable.

And since when did Paul Ryan become a libertarian? The man reads one book by Ayn Rand and all of a sudden he is a card carrying libertarian?

These rejects know well, that in 2016, they don't have a good presidential candidate. The only option is to go after Rand Paul as early as possible. In the mean time, they'll let uneducated washed up comedian like Maher draw a picture of what a "libertarian" should look and sound like for his dumb, cool-aid drinking audience.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.