Comment: Here are my answers you wont like.

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Here are my answers you wont like.

1. Dont support and only abide to the level I have to.
2. No
3. yes
4. I dont know, but I would argue that I dont have the "right to travel" outside the US because they force people to get passports. I even went to Canada a few times and was questioned both times about "why we were there" then when I tried to come back in to the US the border idiot gave me shit because I didn't have my birth certificate on me even though I had a military ID and drivers license, he said that didn't "prove anything"
5. Depends on what the law is. Plus the second amendment is pretty clear, its the only amendment that expressly states "shall not be infringed"
6. The constitution only applies to Americans because we don't run the entire world.

7. I dont believe anyone should be coming here on "work visas" when our UE rate is 7-9% and that includes any "skill level" but thats a personal belief, I have a job, I know many who don't and can't find one.

8. I really dont care how difficult it is, and plus how difficult can it be when 11 million or more are here that just came in because they wanted to.
9. I think those that are here that did not go through the proper process to get here should be deported but I wouldnt go around rounding up people but when/if they break the law and got caught by law enforcement, and it was found they weren't here legally, they should be sent packing. This BS about them "going to the back of line" while they currently live here makes my blood boil by just how stupid they think people are. How can someone go to the back of the line, while simultaneously being ahead of everyone else in line trying to come here the right way?

I disagree with the article, why? Not on premise or principle but because we can't house the entire world. Unless you want our government to take over and run the entire planet? Then everyone can be American.