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Comment: Never turning back!

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Never turning back!

I used to watch TV... all day.... errrrrrrr day.

When I first moved into my apartment, I had no televisions in my place. I pretty much went all of 2012 without TV. The first few months were hard, but I eventually got used to doing something else... like reading a book, or going outside, lol.

With Christmas having just passed, I have a TV now. No cable though. I hooked up my laptop via HDMI to the tv with a wireless keyboard/mouse set.

I watch Netflix and Youtube if I watch anything, and my laptop can double as a dvd player.

The hardest part of being sans tv was being without my Colorado Rockies games. I only ever miss a few games a year, and not having cable to watch them was tough. Recently though I found a website that streams all games FREE. (Sorry MLBTV, I almost subscribed to you) I feel like I am informed enough to have a "distraction" with my baseball games, lol. Let's just hope I don't get attacked by some malware...

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