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I am well fed

And am not forced to cry when the great orator speaks. Thus, North Korea is crazier. Plus, North Korea is the first nation to test detonate a nuclear weapon since Pakistan in 1998. The US ended all nuclear testing Under George Bush I.

So... North Korea is playing mind tricks with the South and the US like the whole "pre-emptive nuclear attack" is exactly the same as the Bush Doctrine outlined. Remember, "nothing is off the table" is the part of the Bush doctrine that has stayed. But, fortunately, Obama has swayed away from preventative war. This makes him look weak, compared to North Korea, as opposed to his predecessor.

The reality is, North Korea is an attention whore. If North Korea dared to strike any US military installation, Pyongyang would be a sheet of glass within minutes. While they are dealing with a 5-10 kiloton yield, we still have 50-150 megaton bombs in the arsenal. We could vaporize the entire northern peninsula with one bomb, or surgically destroy North Korea C&C with several strategic low yield weapons.

Since North Korea declared the armistice was "over", etc, if their propaganda is so correct, why haven't our troops just jumped right over the DMZ into North Korea? The reaity is the United States is China's best customer and North Korea is what we call an attention whore. They want the sanctions lifted. It would be like if Mexico was doing this and the US did nothing - what an outrage their would be. Let's face it all their equipment is coming from China to project a sphere of influence. Too bad it will come back to bite China in the ass when these people revolt due to their leader being a 20-something nutcase who likes Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. What the hell is going on in that country?