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You should really watch more Chinese historical movies.

They are entertaining and beat the hell out of reading "The Art of War". Do you REALLY believe the propaganda coming out of our media that China and, perhaps, Russia are behind all this? We three duked it out during the Cold War using surrogates. I believe that is EXACTLY what is happening right now. Watch the videos I have linked and compare statements made in the videos to the actual quotes.

Alex Jones, notwithstanding, the US media is actually DOWNPLAYING the danger here. Russia is watching as its last two allies in the Mideast, Syria and Iran, are either being destroyed are about to be by Pro-Zionist forces. They see the US and South Korea playing "regime change war games" and ratcheting the economic screws on North Korea and Iran. The last things Russia and China want are a US-occupied North Korea or an Israeli-occupied Iran. Also, follow the money. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) plan to take down the IMF, the banksters and the U.S. dollar. Just last week, China made a HUGE inroad with its agreement with Australia to trade with Aussie dollars. Remember, too, that Max Keiser and Gerald Celente are regular contributors to RUSSIA TODAY. While this is not proof, it is highly indicative that Russia believes the banksters plan to start World War III to consolidate their thievery and police state control over the West. India should clearly believe that the US controls Pakistan's nukes; after all, what nuclear country would let the US kill her citizens with drones? Thus, India also has a stake in bringing down the West, particularly the US. I am certain Brazil is very unhappy with the US, given the CIA control of drugs in Columbia and other Latin American countries; not to mention, our probably involvement in the death of Hugo Chavez. South Africa is probably very alarmed at the "interest" being shown by the US in Africa. In other words, all of these countries have more to gain by the end of the US as a superpower than they figure they might lose in what is already becoming the inevitable use of nuclear weapons by the US in some regional conflict. Meanwhile the West, particularly the US has not appeared weaker than before World War II and our heavy industry is GONE. If we turn North Korea to glass, I can assure you, most US cities possessing large military targets would be gone immediately after. I believe, this is why the US has sent "Doomsday Aircraft" to the Korean theater.