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he's good. i can't tell if he's crazy or cointelpro or both. his facts are defiantly off and he is dangerous. he may just be a very narcissistic psychopath con-man. he doesn't seem to like the jews and he called max's female sidekick stacy a "ugly lying cvnt". he doesn't seem to like ron paul or alex jones either.

"Those who have been following me for a while are likely to agree that I have established a track record as an analyst and investment strategist that is second to none, spanning market forecasting, securities analysis and trading, to commodities, foreign currency and precious metals forecasting.

Those who know me realize that I in addition to exceling (sic) as an analyst and investment strategist, I am also dedicated to exposing fraud and showing Main Street the many ways that the financial media has been designed to deceive them. In accordance with these objectives, I have also managed to establish a very reliable track record of detecting various forms of fraud, scams, pump-and-dump schemes, and insider trading. In short, for whatever reason, I have been able to see things others cannot see.

Let's look at a few examples. When the tea party was launched I knew almost immediately it was a scam. I later wrote a series of articles discussing this. Of course, most people thought I was wrong, but it was I who had the last laugh.

I also exposed Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Texe Mars (sic) and several other so-called "patriots" and "truthers." I also exposed Wikileaks and several other faux heroes and sources of disinformation."

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