Comment: Your lament about "how difficult it is for Latino's

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Your lament about "how difficult it is for Latino's

to immigrate legally" is laughable. Of course it's difficult if you expect the country you've shown no respect to its, as well as it's inhabitants laws, and by refusing to assimilate in an attempt to create a nation of your own. Rage seethes inside me every time I utilize a bank machine or anything else which takes time out of my life by demanding an answer of if I wish to use Spanish or English. If the Europeans who had immigrated to this nation had been as obstinate and disrespectful towards this nations laws and it's citizens as the current crop of immigrants this nation would have fallen apart with a cancer from within. In regards to a solution regarding the current violators which are here I'd suggest making the southern border impenetrable, create a huge impoundment with one exit on the Mexican side and start filling it with ILLEGALS and that would include the so called "birthrights". Let them decide if they wish to go home or starve to death in their failed attempt to undermine my country.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.