Comment: Good -well not really good - but it does help my cause

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Good -well not really good - but it does help my cause

See, I stopped trying to talk to people with logic and the golden rule logic. Now I am just a complete dick head when I talk to people about Sandy Hook and our killing of kids overseas.

I just go WAY over the top. I tell them point blank how I could care less about the little brown children getting killed - that it is only the white ones I care about - I mean as long as they have good Anglo names. Really, who cares about some funny smelling kid with some funny sounding name. And on and on I go.

Of course, I don't really think that way - but it puts people in such a quandry. Some, who know me better, know they are being setup. The other un-supecting fools just fall for it. They then go on and on about what kind of a person says such things -and of course I just keep fanning the flames and back and forth.
Just come off as a stupid redneck and they go on and on trying to show their superiority.
And then you punch them in the gut - you let them know is no uncertain terms that those children were killed by THEM. That missle was bought and paid for by US tax dollars - their tax dollars - those missles were shot from planes with a big old American flag on them. It was THEIR representative that allowed the strike to happen. In short - those kids were killed by those you idolize every day when you support the troops and wave your Amercian flag - so while you may not have pulled the trigger - you are an accessory. Plain and simple.
Of course they then call you names and claim you don't understand - of which I always reply -so what branch did you server in - which 90% of the time is NONE. I then mention that I did my part - I served in the Marine Corp(not oversees - don't want to embelish like our dear senator Blumenthal) - I know exactly what I am talking about.

Then I explain the rules VERY clearly - their dear leader Obama DOES have one authority which needs no congressional approval and is WELL within the Constitution - and that is the power to command the military - with one quick action he could remove ALL the troops.
Then they say - well we are getting terroists - and I say -fine - just admit YOUR safety from terroists is MORE important than those 11 kids lives. Just admit that you are such a coward that you would hide behind those kids lives - as long as they are not white kids I guess.
That is usually were the conversation ends, but the point is made.

You see - dont bother with logic -or rather - adult logic - use second grade logic - if a=b and b=c then a=c.
If you are an American and American planes kill kids, then you kill kids.
Not complicated.