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Solid Performance

Leaves LaPierre in the dust.

Although Pratt didn't exactly use the words "prohibited persons" he did at least
address the issue somewhat - that the government is expanding on the number
of persons not allowed to own firearms, and that the grounds they are using to
do so are in many cases pure BS.

As I've said in other threads, *this* is the key to taking the initiative on the issue.

Especially in states with medical marijuana and/or where it is decriminalized or outright
legal, Senators and Representatives who support that *and* gun control are being
hypocrites and should be exposed as such.

Why? Because even as they say that marijuana use is OK, or at least no a serious offense,they are ALSO supporting existing federal law that says that NO marijuana user has ANY Second Amendment
rights - and that if a marijuana user acquires so much as a live round of ammunition then he or she
is a felon and it's OK for the federal government to send them to prison for ten years.

They are also supporting punishing states who don't send all relevant information about "prohibited persons to the NICS system.

So, we can have people like Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer who has advocated for legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana on record as supporting the Fix Gun Checks legislation which says that all
prohibited persons should be prevented from having firearms - which, of course includes all those
marijuana consumers he is saying are not criminals...

And he, and other politicians don't have to explain or justify this insane and blatant contradiction because we are not even asking them to.

Saying "we" advisedly - "I" have asked him and Senators Wyden and Merkley I've also asked marijuana
activist groups and have had ZERO response from anyone.

If thousands of people were asking them everywhere they went they wouldn't be able to ignore us and we could call them on their BS and TAKE THE INITIATIVE for once.