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Comment: I'm no fan of N. Korea but..

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I'm no fan of N. Korea but..

They are subject to all kinds of sanctions and have nuclear armed
overwhelming military force on their doorstep. Everyone else in
the neighborhood has nukes or is backed by someone that does,
but the US is saying they can't.

Japan has an unstated agenda of not wanting peace with N. Korea
because it gives them a convenient enemy but also because if N. Korea
*doesn't* collapse they would have to conclude a separate peace treaty
with them taking into account Japan's conduct when it occupied the
country for forty years to ever have normal relations.

Thanks to the US covering for major war criminals, lying to their allies
and threatening former Japanese-held POW's, Japan got off incredibly
lightly compared to Germany in postwar peace treaties. (After
the war, ordinary Japanese people were broke - but the elite
had systematically looted the countries they occupied and had
accumulated vast amounts of gold and other loot)

But no treaty has been negotiated with N. Korea - if they did then
all of the BS about Japan being broke and all of the US' lies and
duplicity might be exposed - whereas if North Korea were just to
collapse and be absorbed into South Korea nothing would be said
and Japan would probably get out of paying anything.

So, US and Japanese policy has for years been basically to try and force
the collapse of North Korea - not exactly a formula for making them
feel all warm and fuzzy about our intentions.

and a 9-11 connection for truthers - the Black Eagle Trust that was funded from
Japanese war loot: